Rules & Scoring

Rules of Play

Your goal is to draft Celebrities who will make the pages of the weekly mags. But, they have to behave themselves, otherwise they score negative points. Each magazine is valued differently, so check out the charts below for points.

Scoring for All Magazines
Line Item Points
Celebrity goes to rehab -10
Celebrity gets arrested -5
Mug Shot -2
Engagement announcement 3
Marriage announcement 5
Pregnancy announcement 3
Birth or adoption announcement 5
Scoring for People
Line Item Points
Inset Cover5
Star Tracks4
Reviews (Movies, TV, Books)2
Style Watch2
Beauty Watch2
Any pic1
Scoring for US Weekly
Line Item Points
Inset Cover5
Red Carpet & Hot Hollywood
before table of Contents
Who Wore it Best – Winner5
Who Wore it Best – Loser-3
Other Poll – Winner4
Other Poll – Loser-2
Loose Talk4
Hot Pics
Includes Hot Stuff, and other “Hot” Page except Hot Hollywood and Just Like Us or “They are ______ too”
Love Lives (Includes Love Notes)2
The Record2
Us Beauty & Us Style2
Fashion Police-2
Fashion Police Extra-3
Any pic1
Scoring for In Touch
Line Item Points
Cover 10
Inset Cover 5
Style Showdown – Winner 5
Style Showdown – Loser -3
Insider 4
Other Poll – Winner 3
Other Poll – Loser -2
Up Close 3
Couples Update, Oh Baby, Romance Report 2
In the Know 3
Winning Looks, Beauty News, Body News and Style Spy 2
The Scoop 3
Style Slip-up -3
Last Laugh, Comedian (1), subject of joke (-2) 1, -2
Any pic 1

Extra Points

If any of the three magazines feature pictures from a recent award event (i.e. Academy Awards, Grammys, Emmys, etc.), even if not in an identified section (i.e. Red Carpet), the pictures contained in that section will be scored as 3 points.


General Rules

The Lineup

Each Player will select a total of 10 Celebrities and 2 Understudies.

  • For a "Standard" draft, each Player must have 5 women, 4 men, and 1 child in their lineup every week. Understudies can be any age or gender, but each week’s lineup must consist of this configuration.
  • For a "No Team Restrictions" draft, any lineup configuration is acceptable.

Drafting Order

Draft should be conducted in a serpentine fashion. For example, assuming a 5-person league, the selections would be:

  • Round 1 - Player: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5;
  • Round 2 - Player: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1;
  • Round 3 - Player: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5;
  • etc.

If you are conducting an Online draft, the serpentine lineup is set for you.

Eligible Draft Picks

Only Celebrities in the database can be chosen for the upcoming season. Every attempt will be made to foresee potential new celebrities, including uploading names of the newest Housewives, Bachelors, American Idol Top 10, etc. that are expected in the upcoming season. Until the name is entered, however, they will not be eligible for the draft. If you send an email prior to the draft requesting a new celebrity, we will try to add them before the season starts.

Celebrity Children are those 13 years old or younger. Unborn children may be eligible for selection. For instance, one could select “Baby Garner/Affleck”. Once the baby is born, and a name is given, the fields will be updated to reflect the actual name. No points are given to the unborn child until it is born and its picture appears in the magazines (i.e. no points for the baby bump!).

How to Conduct an Online Draft

Can’t find a time to get everyone together in person to draft? Playing with people in multiple different locations? Conduct your draft online! Our new Online Draft function allows you to conduct your draft virtually. All league members log on through their own computers, and make their picks in real time. Here is how it works:

  • Once players accept their invitation, they can set their ideal lineups in advance of the draft by using the “Edit Queue” button on the League Home Page. Every player in the League has her/his own draft page and queue, and players cannot see anyone else’s lineup.
    • All available celebrities are listed in the bottom left of the draft page. Celebrities are listed in order by top scorers for the last 8 weeks.
    • Add celebrities to your queue by highlighting the celebrity, and clicking “Add to Draft Queue” in the top box when the celebrity’s information has appeared in the box.
    • You can search for celebrities to add to your queue by typing their name into the search box above the “Available Celebrities” list.
    • You can change the order of your queue by using the up and down arrows next to the celebrities' name.
    • You can add to or rearrange your queue at any time before or during the Online Draft.
    • Remember: If celebrities in your queue are drafted by another player before you draft them, they will disappear from your queue, so make sure to set a long queue in case your top picks get stolen.
  • At the set draft time, ALL PLAYERS LOG ON FROM THEIR OWN COMPUTER and enter the draft room through the “Edit Queue” or “Go to Draft” button (the button changes to “Go to Draft” once the draft has started).
    • Players who are not logged on during the Online Draft will have the next available celebrity in their pre-set draft queue automatically drafted to their teams when it’s their turn to be "on the clock".
    • If the player does not log on and has not set up a queue, or if all celebrities in the queue have already been drafted by another player, the next highest-ranked celebrity (based on points scored during the previous 8 weeks) will be automatically drafted to their team.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Once the Online Draft has started, additional players cannot accept their invitations to join the league. The League Director should check the “Edit League Settings” function immediately prior to starting the draft to make sure everyone planning to play has already accepted their invitation to join.
  • The draft order is set randomly prior to the draft starting.
  • The League Director will have a "Start Draft" button in the top right corner of the Online Draft Page. Note: if you don’t see the button, go back to the League Home Page and reenter the draft room, and it should be there.
    • Use the chat space to make sure everyone planning on playing is logged on and online.
    • Once all players who are playing for the season have accepted the invitation and are logged on to the system, click the "Start Draft" button.
  • On the top bar, you will see which player is "On the Clock" and who is "on deck".
    • When you are on the clock, you have 60 seconds to draft the next celebrity to your team.
    • You can highlight celebrities in your queue or from the "Available Celebrities" full list. When their information appears in the Main Box, click the "Draft Celebrity" button and they will be added to your team.
    • If time runs out before you select, the next celebrity in your queue will be drafted to your team. If you don’t have any celebrities left in your queue, the next available top ranked celebrity (based on points scored in the previous season) will be selected to your team.
    • Each draft pick made will appear in the chat space, so that everyone knows the next player is now on the clock, and which celebrity is no longer available.
    • As celebrities are drafted, they will be removed from everyone else’s queue, and removed from the complete list of celebrities.
    • Once you have filled all available slots for a particular celebrity type (i.e. you have filled all 5 female slots and both Understudies with women), all celebrities of that type will disappear from your draft queue. If you attempt to draft another celebrity of that type from the "Available Celebrities" list, you will get a warning note that "You cannot draft anymore _______ to your team" because all of the positions are full. You will get the same message if you try to add a particular type of celebrity to your queue after the positions are full. They will be added temporarily, but then will disappear from the queue again.
  • The draft will run serpentine for 12 rounds, until all teams are full.
  • Once the draft is complete, the league director will be prompted to pay the season fee, if the first free season has been utilized. Once payment is made, the league’s draft will be finalized.

Your league can use the chat space on the left to smack talk in real time during the draft. You will receive your first scores the Monday after your league’s draft is complete, if you draft on Monday or Tuesday or if the League Director has opted to "Receive Scores as Soon as Possible". Otherwise, the first scores will be published the second Monday after the draft.

Tips for the Online Draft

  • We STRONGLY recommend that all players NOT use the Internet Explorer browser. For technological reasons, it is much slower, and you will see significant lag times for various functions (such as searching for celebrities). Online draft works best on Chrome and Safari browsers.
  • There will be short periods when it may seem like you are "frozen" - i.e. the someone else’s pick will show up in chat, and your clock will stop where it is and not reset immediately, then will reset with 50 or so seconds left. You are probably not frozen. The functionality simply needs the time to reset the clocks, and delete selected celebrities from the appropriate draft queues. The pause will be longer depending on your browser, computer and internet speeds.
  • Because we operate in the "Cloud" the "One the Clock" time is not always perfectly synchronized. Much of this will depend on the computer and internet speed. So, we recommend that you try to make all draft picks with at least 10 seconds left on the clock to ensure you get your pick.
  • If, for any reason, your "On the Clock" does not "reset" and stays at "00", refresh the browser page. It should reset and get you back in line with the rest of the players.

How to Conduct a Standard “In Person” Draft

The in-person draft party may be the best part of the game, but it is a little more work for the League Director.

Director keeps track of everyone’s draft picks during the draft. Once you have written down everyone’s draft picks, the League Director will input EACH team’s draft picks, using the "Draft for Next Season" button on the League Home Page. Only League Directors see this button on the Leauge Page. If you have internet available where you are drafting, the League Director can enter the picks as they are made. The old-fashioned pen and paper (form provided in the Draft Kit) works just fine too. If you are entering the picks on the site as you go, we suggest that someone also keep track in hard copy, just in case there is an error and you need to double check. Here are the steps:

  • Set the Draft time and place.
  • The League Director should download the Draft Kit, which includes a draft sheet with all players who have accepted their invitations, the top 250 celebrities ranked by scores in the previous 8 weeks and last 52 weeks, and a list of all available celebrities).
    • All players can download the Draft Kit before the draft, and it is helpful to have the list of top-scoring celebrities to get ideas for good picks during the draft.
    • Note: It is best if all players have accepted their invitation prior to the draft, so that all names are included on the draft pages in the Draft Kit.
    • If all players have accepted their invitations prior to the draft, you can organize the draft order using the "Draft for Next Season" button on the League Home Page, and dragging the players into the selected order.
  • Each player drafts in turn (we suggest serpentine drafting as described above) until their complete First String teams and all alternates are picked.
    • Those who cannot attend the draft can appoint a proxy and give them their list of picks in order. The proxy can pick in the order designated to the extent that the Celebrity is still available. Some people simply choose to go down the list of the top point scorers from last season (or last year) in order of availability.
  • The League Director keeps track of each team’s picks, and making sure that no celebrity has been picked twice
    • In a Standard Draft, each team should draft their First String (5 women, 4 men and one child) first. Once all First String teams are drafted, then each team can draft their 2 alternates. You can draft in any order for the "No Rules" draft. The last 2 celebrities entered into the system by the League Director will be the understudies in the first week.
      • Remember: when playing by Standard Rules, you must always have 5 women, 4 men and 1 child playing each week, so you will not be able to bench the men and substitute in 2 women alternates.
    • We suggest having a helper keep track of which celebrities have already been picked during the draft to avoid duplication.
  • After the draft is complete, the League Director inputs each team’s picks , using the "Draft for Next Season" button (which only the League Director has). Once all picks are entered, click "Draft Complete" and make payment if the free trial has already been used.
    • NOTE: Do not click "Draft Complete" until all teams’ picks have been entered. Your entries will be saved as you go, but once you click "Draft Complete", no additional players (i.e. people who have not yet accepted their invitations) can join the league.

Your Understudies

Your first string Celebrity got arrested? Is slipping into rehab their next logical step? Need to make a substitution to avoid further tragic loss of points? Pull in your reserves.

Each member of your league can choose two alternate Celebrities that can be pulled into action at any time things are looking rough. If the league director has selected to "Allow Benching at Any Time" from the "Edit League Settings", substitutions can be made at any time. Otherwise, substitutions must be complete by 11:59 p.m. PT on Tuesday (before the next issue’s covers are available online).

Season Length/Start Times


By popular demand, we have eliminated set seasons. Now, the "celebrity season" is up to you! Set your draft any time. Once the draft is complete, either through an Online Draft, or Standard Draft, (and after the League Director has finalized the draft on the website) the first scores will posted as follows:

  • if the draft is completed on a Monday or Tuesday (the League Director chooses the "Start receiving scores as soon as possible" option), scores will be published the following Monday
  • if the draft is complete on Wednesday through Sunday, scores will be published the second Monday.

AND, the league director chooses the season length! Using “Edit League Settings”, the League Director can choose to set the season length for 8 weeks, 12 weeks or 16 weeks – we figure 4 months is long enough to make the players at the bottom of the pack wait to redraft and get redemption.

Subscription Fees

Subscription fees are:

  • $20 per 8 Week Season
  • $30 per 12 Week Season
  • $35 per 16 Week Season

The prices are set regardless of the size of your league, but the league size limit is a maximum of 20 teams per league (19 invited people and the League Director). Believe us, you don’t want more than 20 teams in a league or you will run out of good draft picks!

How do I Know Where I Got Points?

Wondering where your points came from, or think we might have missed something? Feel free to double check us! From your league homepage, you can click through to your team and see your celebs and points for each week. Hover over the point value to see where the points came from (i.e. 1 Cover, 8 Any Pics and 1 Hot Pic.).

Think we missed something – LET US KNOW. Email us using the Help and Support link and let us know what you think we missed. We will check it out and make any corrections if we skipped a picture!

Potential Question How it is Scored
“Red Carpet” vs. “Who Wore it Best” “Who Wore it Best” will only be scored.
Review section on books, CDs etc. showing a Celebrity picture on the cover of the product, (book, CD etc). Separate pictures of the Celebrity are scored dependent on section, picture on product is not scored.
Polls with no contestant (i.e. “Will he be a good Superman?”) Scored as “other poll” winner or loser. Unless being compared to another Celebrity directly, other Celebrity pictured will not lose or gain points, but will receive a picture credit based on the section.
False Reports If your celebrity receives credit for a false report (such as an engagement announcement), which is corrected by the Celebrity, the points will be retracted in the week of the retraction.
Appearance on cover of another magazine When a Celebrity is pictured on the cover of another magazine, the picture is counted ONLY IF the other magazine is different from the magazine it appears in - i.e. a picture in People of another People cover will not count, but a picture of a celebrity on the cover of Vogue shown in People will count, based on the page it shows in People.
Head to Head Competitions (i.e. same Celebrity, two different looks, therefore two pictures.) One picture scored as “Winner” of poll, one as “Loser” of poll.
Would you... (do, wear etc.) Counted as “Other Poll”.
Point for putative father If a child is born and the father is rumored to be someone, but the DNA test has not been done, points are not given to the guy until paternity is established (currently called the Ryan Phillippe rule).
Wax Figures or Statutes No Points.
Baby Bumps – is the "baby" scored? No. No points until the baby is born and there is a picture of the infant. We only have the unborn children in the system so that people can take a gamble that the baby will be debuted in photos during the season.