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Ben Affleck Bio Photo
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Gender: M

August 15, 1972

Actor / Actress


Ben Affleck

American actor, film director, writer, and producer. Know for roles in Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, Changing Lanes, The Sum of All Fears, and Daredevil. He has directed Gone Baby Gone and The Town. He won an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award for his screenplay for Good Will Hunting , written with Matt Damon. Affleck has been married to Jennifer Garner since June 2005. They have two daughters, Violet Anne born in December 2005 and Seraphina Rose Elizabeth, born January 2009. Before Jennifer, he dated Gwyneth Paltrow in 1998 and Jennifer Lopez.

I'm Special Because:
Matt Damon made me famous, and my ability to date and marry sexy girls named Jennifer has kept me that way.